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Auto Body Repairs in Sparks, Nevada

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After the Accident

If you’ve ever been in a car accident, you know how terrifying it can be. As it’s happening, moments blur together and everything is unclear. Sometimes the damage to your car isn’t fully realized until a day or two later when you’re dealing with the aftermath. Your car may look worse off than it really is though. Let our experts take a look. We’ll give you honest answers and a free estimate on your job.

Auto Body Repairs

Although we do just about any type of auto bodywork, we do some services more often. If you have questions about your vehicle, call our office for answers. We provide prompt, professional service and free estimates on every job.

Frame Alignment

After an accident, hidden damage within the frame of the car might start causing problems. To counter this, we’ll realign your frame. Drive confidently; we’ll make sure your car is safe.

Dent Removal

Big or small, removing dents from your car doesn’t have to be a hassle. Simply ask the experts. Our team has the experience needed to fix your dented vehicle.

Paint Jobs

Don’t worry about scratches and chips. We’ll color match the area and touch up any damage. Just bring your car down to our shop to get started. Let’s paint.

Interior Repairs

Although we specialize in fixing the body of your car, we also provide interior repairs. Replacing your seats or audio system is a breeze. Call us to get started.

Doing body work on a car requires patience, skill and training. That’s why we employ highly trained individuals. Rest assured that your ride will come out looking as good as new. Contact our office today to request a repair. We’ll get you in and out of our shop and back on the road in no time.